Molly Newman

Molly Newman loves cooking more than almost anything—except collecting recipes and writing about food.

The former associate editor of Digital Scrapbooking, she now writes about everything from scrapbooking to backpacking. She has one photographer husband and two sons who enjoy her cooking, and two cats who couldn't care less about it. You can keep up with her latest food-related adventures at
Molly frequently collaborates with her husband, photographer James Newman, on how-to photography articles.

At home in Portland, Oregon, Molly also homeschools her two tweenage sons, writes and hosts a weekly pub trivia quiz and two weekly spelling bees, teaches a papercrafting class to homeschooled teenagers, and cooks (and blogs) a different soup every day. In between deadlines, she tries to find time to squeeze in yoga, having friends over for dinner, reading fantasy novels and rooting for any NFL team that’s not the Cowboys or the Patriots.
Molly finds that staying organized is the key to staying sane. Since she’s not particularly naturally organized, she relates to the struggle most scrapbookers have trying to keep “a place for everything, and everything in its place.” She promises the journey will be worth the reward.

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